Dangal is suitable for multi-purpose freight transportation.

The vehicle can take bulk cargo to its destination and bring palletized cargo on its return. It can also be used for the transportation of coal, clinker, gravier.

Thus, it provides to reduce transportation costs.
High strength steel sheets used in chassis and frame production (Strenx700MC, Hardox 450 and Hardox 500 TUF) are imported from the SSAB Company in Sweden.

When the vehicule is loaded or unloaded, the door and the covers can be opened and closed without any problem.

It's manufactured in high quality and standard production line.

The design of the axles provides fuel economy and long tire life.

Chassis Chassis main sheet (mirror sheet - lioner), lower and upper blades and all cross-country are manufactured using high strength imported Strenx 700MC type sheet. The chassis is produced in I sectioned form with robot welding.
Body It is produced using high strength, abrasion and impact resistant imported sheets in volumes between 33-46 m3.
Hydraulic System 5-stage heavy-duty telescopic cylinder, 82 liter double-turn pump, double speed stage valve, limit control valve, 120 lt oil tank, hydraulic installation hoses and fittings, air-controlled switch and air installation in the cabin.
Lighting System 2x7 + 1x15 pin socket, 24V lighting
Brake System 2S-2M EBS system (RSS özellikli) WABCO or KNORR-BREMSE
Moving Part 3x9 ton drum , 70 single layer scissor, air suspension domestic axle set. Fesan selection of brand, 6 + 1 piece 385x65xR22,5 tires and rims suitable for these tires
Paint Crete metal sandblasting, epoxy primer, acrylic paint.
Standard Equipments 2 speed mechanical parking stands, 1 tube spare wheel place, 1 wedge place and wedge, 1 sheet cupboard, 1 plastic tool box, 1 fire extinguisher cabinet, 1 water tank, 6 plastic full fender, 1 tonnage clock, aluminum ladder.
Standard Features King pin with detachable bolt connection, reinforced bucket rest, 1. axle lifting, automatic bellows unloading, double ladder on front panel, folding rear bumper
Options With automatic braking when the damper case is open, the vehicle is prevented from walking, European disc and drum axles, PTO installation, aluminum rim, tarpaulin system.

*Fesan has rights to change the size and specifications of products without any information.

*Fesan has rights to change the size and specifications of products without any information.

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